Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start, 2012 -- An early New Year's resolution

Last week on November 27, the Roman Catholic Church started using the new English translation of the Roman Missal, 3rd edition.

This week, Weight Watchers introduced their Points Plus 2012 plan.

It's a fresh start for the Church and Weight Watchers.

This year (2011) I have logged 106 miles on dailymile.
Last year (2010) I logged 195 miles. That gives me a grand total of 301 miles!
Next year (2012) I need to increase my miles!

Today I am starting anew. It is time for me to start walking on a regular basis again. It's a fresh start for me, the "Walking Nun".

What would be a good goal and New Year's Resolution for 2012?
To walk 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.

It's doable, don't you think? YES! I will not give up, and I will keep trying to keep this resolution throughout the year. Pray for me, please! Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

31st Anniversary of
First Profession

Today, April 14, is the 31st anniversary of my First Profession of vows!

A Brief History

I entered the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm at our Motherhouse in Germantown, New York, on September 8, 1977. Sr. Suzanne was my postulant director. She would go on to become the Superior General of the congregation from 1996 to 2008. My entrance group of four was small; one girl left after two weeks. Another girl came in October; she stayed around six weeks and left.

I received the habit on March 11, 1978 with two other girls, Sisters {A} and {B}. A couple of weeks before, I received my religious name: "Sister M. Elizabeth Teresa of the Holy Family." (I returned to my own name in 1997.) Another girl, Sister {C} decided to return to the novitiate for a second try at the religious life, so there were now four in the group.

Two years later, on April 14, 1980, I made my first vows with Sisters {A} and {C}. Sister {B} decided to leave shortly before profession. I went home for a week, then I went to the Mary Manning Walsh Home on April 21, 1980, my first mission.

I was in New York City for 3 years, leaving in 1983. By that time I was the only one in my group. Sister {A} left after a year of profession; Sister {C} left after a year and a half.

On April 14, 1983, I was transferred to St. Patrick's Residence, Joliet, Illinois. Twenty five years ago, on March 31, 1986, I made my final vows at our Motherhouse. After 6 years in Joliet, on May 23, 1989, I moved to Naperville, Illinois. The Congregation closed our nursing home in Joliet and opened a new one in Naperville.

On September 1, 1993, I came back to Massachusetts, my native state. My mother was happy that I was near her in her last days; she passed away in 2000.

On April 20, 2002, I celebrated my Silver Jubilee in my home parish of St. Zepherin's, Cochituate Village, Wayland, Massachusetts, with my family and friends.

September 8, 2011, will mark my 34th anniversary in the religious life.

Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings you have given me throughout my life!


  • My father, deceased 1962.

  • My step-father. He married my mother in 1964; deceased 1986.

  • My five siblings, all older than me.

  • My nieces and nephews.

  • My mother! Deceased 2000.

  • My community, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. Link:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

WW Trackers, weeks ending March 21 and March 28


These are my Weight Watcher trackers for March 15-21, and March 22-28, if you would like to see them!

Thursday, March 31, 2011



13 months on dailymile.

  • March 21, 2010 is when I started on dailymile. This is the graph of my first 13 months of Walking on dailymile. Starting April 1, 2011, the month of March 2010 will disappear from the graph, and I will miss it.

  • These are the Walking totals for 13 months. 248.47 Miles!

  • These are my Lifetime Stats. 249.47 miles! (One mile of cycling is included) Hmm .... you can't see the figures in the picture, you say? Well, if you would like to see what those figures are, SIGN UP FOR DAILYMILE, start logging miles, then you can see your own lifetime stats! Good idea, right? Right!!! Click HERE to go to DAILYMILE!


Monday, March 21, 2011

WW Tracker, week ending March 14


This is my Weight Watcher tracker for March 8-14, 2011, if you would like to see it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Cluttering speech"
Second Anniversary 2011

My Facebook group, "Cluttering speech" is TWO YEARS OLD! I founded the group on March 11, 2009. My social media goal is to help spread the word about cluttering.

Visit the group here:
If you have a Facebook account, join the group!
If you don't have a Facebook account, sign up for one -- it's easy -- and then join the group!
All are welcome!

Much has happened in the two years since the group was founded.

In 2010, Judy Kuster chaired the 1st International Cluttering Online Conference on her website, the Stuttering Home Page. In 2011, she created a web page: Online Resources on Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder. Thank you, Judy, for all your work in the stuttering and cluttering fields!

Judy invited me to contribute a paper to the Conference on my Facebook group: Cluttering Speech: A Facebook Social Network for Persons Who Clutter.
Would you like to become a Facebook FAN of the "Online Conference on Cluttering"? Go HERE and click 'LIKE'!

I am waiting for future online conferences on cluttering. They are in the hands of the International Cluttering Association (ICA).

Kathleen Scaler Scott has been the Coordinator of the ICA since its inception in 2007. She, along with David Ward, has edited and published a textbook, "Cluttering: A Handbook of Research, Intervention and Education". You can order the book from Amazon. (Hardcover)(Kindle) Thank you, Kathy, for your hard work as the Coordinator of the ICA!

I looked at my group today. It now has 236 members. I thank the members for joining! I hope that many more will join.

All are welcome to join the group!

You are also welcome to become a Facebook FAN of my public profile page. Go HERE and click 'LIKE'! Thank you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Children's Hospital Boston
"Mile for Miracles"

When I was 10 years old, I went to the Children's Hospital Boston for speech therapy.

Children's Hospital Boston is an approved charity of the BAA Boston Marathon.

Douglas Welch, a virtual friend on dailymile, is running the Boston Marathon for the "Miles for Miracles" fund-raising program of the hospital. Would you consider sponsoring Doug in his marathon run on APRIL 18? You can make a donation on his fund raising page:

Doug has committed to raise $10,000 this year, in memory of Brenya Sullivan. That's a high amount, isn't it? Doug needs to be creative in his fund-raising for the hospital. He has created the "36k for miracles" challenge on dailymile:

On SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2011, you can run a virtual race where ever you are to complete the challenge.
Choose a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or a 36K race.
Make a donation ("registration fee") on his fund raising page.
--$5 for the 5K
--$10 for the 10K
--$13.10 for the Half Marathon
--$25 for the full 36k Challenge

~~~ Please read the challenge page for additional details! ~~~

Doug's own blog post is here:

The children will get "Miracles" from your donations. Thank you!

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Job -
Ambassador for Christ

I drive the Senior Sisters of my convent to their appointments and take them shopping on Fridays. I am the "life line" of the Sisters. I love what I do! I love it because it is a vocation to be an "Ambassador for Christ" and I can carry the kindness of Christ to those I live with. I am not perfect in what I do, I am sure I irritate the Sisters in some ways!

I am grateful that I have good health so that I can do this service for the Sisters. It is important that I take good care of myself. My 2011 goal is to walk 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. Follow me on dailymile as I post my walks!

I am not perfect in this, either, far from it! Four years ago I weighed 255lbs. I went to Weight Watchers and took off 46lbs. I am still working to reach my goal weight. It seems like it is taking forever! My doctor tells me that I am in a marathon, not a sprint. I have also heard, "Life is a journey, not a destination." So I might as well enjoy the journey and take time to smell the roses! Only the roses have thorns! Ha! (Isn't it good to have a sense of humor? YES!)

Over the weekend I wrote the following:

My job is:
  • To serve the Sisters with a joyful heart, doing such hospitable things as pulling the car up to the door, assisting them into the car, fastening their seat belts, adjusting the car temperature, buying coffee, making additional stops at stores, assisting them at the stores and anything else they need.
  • To give them respect and dignity.

Each sister is different, so issues will continue to come up, as the condition of each Sister changes.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Mile 200 mile mark

(2011-01-11) DailyMile

On January 11, 2011, I reached the 200 mile mark on dailymile. Since posting my first workouts on March 21, 2010, dailymile has been an immense help to me in my walking journey. The community there is very supportive.

It has been an education being on dailymile. For example, what does "BQ" stand for? "Boston Qualifier"! I have lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, living along the route of the Boston Marathon, so "BQ" meant something to me.

I have also met (virtually) extraordinary athletes: Steve Speirs logged 3387 miles in 2010. He is the two time winner of the Cayman Islands marathon.

In 2010, I logged 195 miles. See my "2010 Year End Report" HERE.


Friday, January 14, 2011

25 Best Blogs for Runners & Walkers


"The Walking Nun" is listed as one of the

25 Best Blogs for Runners & Walkers

on It is #23 on the list.

Thank you, Treadmill Reviews!

Click HERE to read the article.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weight Watchers
PointsPlus Program

PointsPlus PROGRAM

NOV 30, 2010-JAN 10, 2011

If anyone would like to see my Weight Watchers PointsPlus logs, I have posted them on my "KeepAndShare" website.

The logs consist of
a) PointsPlus Summary for the week
b) Food and Activity tracker for each day of the week
c) Weight Record for 7 weeks

Here are the links:
Week 1 (NOV 30-DEC 6)
Week 2 (DEC 7-DEC 13)
Week 3 (DEC 14-DEC 20)
Week 4 (DEC 21-DEC 27)
Week 5 (DEC 28-JAN 3)
Week 6 (JAN 4-JAN 10)