Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Mile 200 mile mark

(2011-01-11) DailyMile

On January 11, 2011, I reached the 200 mile mark on dailymile. Since posting my first workouts on March 21, 2010, dailymile has been an immense help to me in my walking journey. The community there is very supportive.

It has been an education being on dailymile. For example, what does "BQ" stand for? "Boston Qualifier"! I have lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, living along the route of the Boston Marathon, so "BQ" meant something to me.

I have also met (virtually) extraordinary athletes: Steve Speirs logged 3387 miles in 2010. He is the two time winner of the Cayman Islands marathon.

In 2010, I logged 195 miles. See my "2010 Year End Report" HERE.


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