Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Cluttering speech"
Second Anniversary 2011

My Facebook group, "Cluttering speech" is TWO YEARS OLD! I founded the group on March 11, 2009. My social media goal is to help spread the word about cluttering.

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Much has happened in the two years since the group was founded.

In 2010, Judy Kuster chaired the 1st International Cluttering Online Conference on her website, the Stuttering Home Page. In 2011, she created a web page: Online Resources on Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder. Thank you, Judy, for all your work in the stuttering and cluttering fields!

Judy invited me to contribute a paper to the Conference on my Facebook group: Cluttering Speech: A Facebook Social Network for Persons Who Clutter.
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I am waiting for future online conferences on cluttering. They are in the hands of the International Cluttering Association (ICA).

Kathleen Scaler Scott has been the Coordinator of the ICA since its inception in 2007. She, along with David Ward, has edited and published a textbook, "Cluttering: A Handbook of Research, Intervention and Education". You can order the book from Amazon. (Hardcover)(Kindle) Thank you, Kathy, for your hard work as the Coordinator of the ICA!

I looked at my group today. It now has 236 members. I thank the members for joining! I hope that many more will join.

All are welcome to join the group!

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  1. Great book! I admire the selfless and much needed work that Dr. Paul Farmer and his colleagues have done in Haiti and throughout the world.