Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where You Can Find Me Online

Just want to let you all know where you can find me online -- Pinterest!!! On February 11, 2013, I created a Pinterest account. That was the day Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  announced his resignation. Since then, my main focus has been on the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church. I have followed Pope Francis since he was elected on March 13, 2013. I have become a "Vaticanista." 

Another place you can find me online is Twitter. About 4 months ago, when I was pinning, I inadvertently checked the Twitter box on the Pin It window.  I decided to keep posting to Twitter when I found that my pins were going there.

I run a "Cluttering Speech" group on Facebook. It is for persons who clutter in their speech and for those interested in fluency disorders. All are welcome to join. You need a Facebook account first. My April 20th post in the group:

This "Cluttering Speech" group was founded on March 11, 2009. A year later, it was featured in the 2010 Cluttering Online Conference, chaired by Judy Kuster. The group has grown to 323 members in 5 years. Thank you all for joining! Happy 5th Anniversary!
My paper in the 2010 conference:

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